Sunday, 18 August 2013

Converse trainers?

In my long life of 13 years, I have owned two pairs of converse trainers. Many people at my school seem to own these trainers as well and they have become a household name. But what is it that makes these trainers so very special?

I remember when I got my first pair of black pair of All Stars. My mum had got me them for my 10th birthday, and I had thought that it was about time. I had seen the logo every wear on peoples shoes, at school discos to my grandmothers 70th birthday party. But the first thing I said when I saw them was "Who's Chuck Taylor?"

A few years after my mums short reply of "Google it.", I got another pair as my feet had grown quite a bit.

The reason that I got these trainers are because they are so simple to wear everyday. You can wear them with virtually any outfit. Wise words of Demi Lovato, who said I can't wear my converse with my dress?

And that is exactly what people do nowadays. Not only are they easily worn, but in my opinion, they are comfy and they are designed well. The only problem with mine were that the lace was too long. A year of double knotting easily solved the problem but, if you're not lazy like me, you could always buy a shorter lace.

Overall, I believe that converse trainers are probably the most common and popular trainers worn by teenagers and that they have earned that title due to their sturdiness and  iconic design.

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